Adventurous, Bold, Independent, Kind-Hearted, Earth Loving Woman are the descriptions of someone who I have met wandering around this planet!


I first met her when I moved back down from college and started working on Palm Beach Island. We had only just met when she told me that she was headed to central america for a couple weeks. Instantly I knew we were very similar in the things we liked…..Tavel and friends! She asked me if I wanted to join her and without hesitation I said absolutely, and we booked our tickets. Soon two became three after another girl friend had decided to join. Here we were three young strangers about to go on a life long adventure together.


Our first night there we stay in a hostel called Bigfoot. It was amazing they had a volcano boarding adventure that was perfect for our first day in town! You know that person you meet who is constantly getting hurt on adventures????… That’s me! Heres a little background before I continue this story! I AM ALLERGIC TO BEES!! Anyway we decided to book this amazing adventure and off we went. As we are circling the top and taking lots of fun photos we see a tour group standing far away from their guide. I had a funny feeling there was something wrong…The guide had been swarmed by bees. They had made a new home on his shorts. well lets just say, You couldn’t even see his shorts!! I started to break out in rashes all over from fear of these beautiful creatures wanting to come over and show me a little love too! Sam this soon to be life long friend was so kind-hearted trying to calm me down and get me focused on something other than staring at this guys pants hive. She immediately took action and say the worry in my face telling me “your fine!” “don’t worry!” meanwhile our tour guide still very confused at whats going on looks at me and tells me to “run half way down the mountain and you’ll start there.” So off I went! We all made it down safe and had a blast doing so. As for the tour guide I believe he ended up coming down a couple of hours later after the bees had realized they can’t make him a home.


Hannah was hilarious and amazing to travel with too! She had Sam and I dying of laughter. She has a bit of a southern accent and definitely no Spanish speaking background at all but was eager to try to communicate. She would always say “holah co-mo E-stas!” It was fabulous. It was her first time out of the United States so everything was also very emotional for her. She would cry at the sun setting in the distance over the mountains, or if she saw a pretty beach in a distant view. She really brought me back to my first trip and I started to remember how it feels to first see the planet from a different angle.


The trip had led us to forming life long relationships that carry on today. The next year Sam and I had booked another trip to El Salvador and Guatemala together, where we continued to get to know each other on a more personal level. Then when I took my big leap and moved to Argentina she was right there encouraging me to go.

Travel is the one real way you get to know someone. Sam has taught me many things throughout the years of being friends with her. She showed me that through travel you can find love in every country, whether it’s a new friendship being formed, or a new animal friend you say hello to. She showed me that there is nothing to worry about being abroad other than enjoying your surrounding and to just be. With Sam I got to experience adventures of a life time, memories our kids will think are way to incredible to be true, and for all of this she has become a life long friend who I am constantly looking to whenever I need some comfort!