Brighten someones day!


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I left my heart at sea.

The ocean is where I leave my heart over and over again. It has mesmerizing effects on me. Whether im out for a run along side the ocean listening to the waves crash against the shore, feeling the energy it self while taking a dip or riding a wave, or staring into its crystal clear complexion and finding more sea friends along the way. The ocean seems to always have me running back for more.

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I could only imagine how excited I would be the days leading up to our wedding. I had not actually got the chance to really talk to any of the event coordinators as everything was conducted in Spanish. I am now a pretty fluent Spanish speaker, as my mother in-law speaks very little English, but with wedding terms in emails longer than you could imagine!!! Forget about it! My husband would forward me the emails like I really knew what was going on! haha. The only thing I could do was stay positive and know that my husband and his family knew what they were doing. Continue reading “YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE”

Mysterious man to Mr. & Mrs.

I used to only dream of meeting a foreign man in an unfamiliar city. I was stuck at college day dreaming of where in the world I would rather be rather than being stuck in the American society, where going to college right out of high school was the norm. I was over the pressure of being 22 and having everyone asking me “what do you want to do with your life?” The only thing I knew was that I wanted to travel the world, see things that no one else gets to see, learn new cultures and languages, expanded my horizon far more than the state I lived in, and then come back  and dream of the wanderlust of my next adventure! Thats when I decided to pick up my Lonely Planet book and book my one way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina using my favorite search engine  kayak . I became TEFL certified and began searching for work to teach english. Very quickly I realized that I had fallen in love with my new surroundings. At the time I was living in a hostel called Florida.Hostel.suites There I had met an amazing traveler who had told me she wanted me to come out and meet some of her friends since ill be staying awhile. Continue reading Mysterious man to Mr. & Mrs.