I left my heart at sea.

The ocean is where I leave my heart over and over again. It has a mesmerizing effect on me, weather im out for a run along side this huge mass of energy listening to the waves crash against the ocean’s shore, feeling the energy it self while taking a dip or riding a wave, or looking into its crystal clear complexion and finding more sea friends along the way. The ocean seems to always have me running back for more.


I used to tell my husband before we moved back to Florida that “I want to live somewhere else I want to explore another part of the world, or even the United States” ( as I had gotten used to living abroad and traveling around for 2 years) but definitely not come back to Florida. But everyday my husband reminds me of the active ocean lifestyle I live and crystal clear waters we live by and makes me always come to the same conclusion….which we all hate to admit sometimes but damn!! He’s right!

Everyday I wake up the first thing I do is jump into the ocean and start my day of full of salty energy that my body seemed to cultivate from the plunge. It’s a “lifestyle” my husband always says! As he’s from Buenos Aires he likes to do “city things”…so he says 😉 but we are working on that. after a year of living in South Florida he is finally coming around.


We have discovered that we both love a lot of the same things but for many different reasons! He likes to play his guitar on the beach, while I take a refreshing dip!