Mystical Encounters

phone rings….

“Hello” –Me 

“Hey wanna jump into shark infested waters with me? We can hire a professional photographer. It will be amazing and magical!” – Says  Julia Gordon

With skepticism in my voice I reply “Umm. Yah that sounds amazing. I think I would really enjoy that.”

Julia- “great I’m going to sign us up!”…… and so it was I had just signed myself up to go on this crazy shark dive where I had no idea what to expect.

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Underwater Kaleidoscope.


The other day I set out for another South Florida sea adventure with one of my best friends Julia Gordon. Man was it an underwater kaleidoscope! We dove with  The scuba club. We sat at the front of the boat talking about other diver adventures we had been on and what we hoped to see! We had smiles on our face from ear to ear, both of us are water babes so the excitement to just get in the water and drop to the bottom was making our hearts thump faster and smiles get even bigger. Continue reading Underwater Kaleidoscope.

I left my heart at sea.

The ocean is where I leave my heart over and over again. It has mesmerizing effects on me. Whether im out for a run along side the ocean listening to the waves crash against the shore, feeling the energy it self while taking a dip or riding a wave, or staring into its crystal clear complexion and finding more sea friends along the way. The ocean seems to always have me running back for more.

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