Feeding Children Everywhere.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to help pack 1.2 million hurricane kits for those in need with Feeding Children Everywhere.It was one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences it was a great reminder of how it feels to participate in acts of kindness and remind ourselves that we should be grateful everyday for what we have. My friend Bethany Neal called me on Wednesday the 13th and asked me if I wanted to volunteer with the non profit organization in Atlanta for the weekend. It was last minute but it felt so good and it was such an amazing opportunity so the only logical answer was SIGN ME UP! 🙂

Friday evening they flew me to Atlanta and put me up in a hotel near the Georgia World Congress and told me to meet down stairs at 6:15 am Saturday morning. Saturday when I woke up I was excited and exhausted, I did my best to pull myself together at 6 am with only 4 hours of sleep from the night before and made my way down stairs. There I found the FCE team. All smiles and welcoming with warm hearts. I didn’t know anyone there so at first I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit intimidated, but after 5 minutes I quickly felt at home with everyone and realized we are all here for the same reason. It was a weekend full of no judgment with one objective…get these meals packed fast so we can send them off to those that need them.

We made our way to the World Congress, ate breakfast, drank a very LARGE cup of coffee and learned quickly what we had to do. That day we had 5,000 volunteers come give up their Saturday to help us pack 1.2 million meals. The people I got to meet were some of the more warm heart and incredible people on this planet. I met a little boy named DJ who was 10 years old and was the voice for his school for non violence….talk about a badass! I was just blown away by his love and want for the world to come together and practice sharing love for one another. He helped me pack food, break down millions of boxes, and share some of his dance moves with me. It was a long Saturday. 6:30 am- 10:30 pm with and hour and a half break in the middle. When I left to head back to the hotel I was physically exhausted, my fingers all cut up from breaking down the boxes, my back aching from running around on my feet for so long, but I walked into my hotel room with a smile shinning so bright that people saw me glowing. Knowing what we had just done for those in need, those left without a home, a car, or food was something that can’t be placed into words. that moment of gratitude….thats why we live and help others.

Sunday morning we did it all over again 6:15 we meet down stairs and headed back to the world congress for day 2. I truly praise the FCE family they had been there since Thursday morning meeting everyday with a smile on their face. No sign of exhaustion. They set up this event, ran it through Monday with thousands of volunteers coming in and out and then broke it down! Thats true love and dedication to make a change in this world. I am so happy I was able to be part of this weekend and meet so many amazing people from the FCE family to the volunteers and everyone in-between.

I encourage everyone to volunteer at some point in their life and give back to our community. Growing through our community brings unity and that is something we all need a little more of. There are many ways to get involved in your community and help those who aren’t as fortunate as us! Get out there and let love pour in and out of our communities and put smiles on each others faces!






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