As I begin my yoga teacher training I was sent my first assignment today to journal my thoughts regarding Ahimsa.

Ahimsa its the first Yama in yoga and may very well be the most important one. Ahimsa is the act of non violence and compassion. Ahimsa means to show no cruelty to any creature or person. Its the act of friendliness, kindness, and thoughtful consideration of others. To practice Ahimsa sends out extreme positivity to our universe and impacts so many. 

Non violence and compassion go hand in hand and have alot to do with the power of words and our actions. Everything derives from actions and words. When we are young we are taught the acts of kindness but we are not wise enough to understand their impact throughout the rest of someones life. The impact it will have on every person they will meet from then on. The power of words can be frightening But if we can remember the Ahimsa and practice it daily we can begin to open our hearts and become compassionate. We can be kind to one another and brighten up someones day that can turn into someones month, or year, or we impact them and they forever remember the act of kindness you did. Remember we not only impact someones life, we impact anyone who is influenced by them, anyone they encounter for the rest of their day. We create a memory in someones head. A simple act of kindness, compassion, and non violence goes along way.

With more and more people beginning to practice Ahimsa we can begin to change and make a difference. The more positivity we can bring into this universe and put into circulation through each of us the better the universe becomes. The closer we become as one. To reaching a peaceful place.

For the next week I challenge each of you to try to move with acts of non violence, compassion, kindness, and consideration of others and just see how your energy impacts others! Let me know how you feel after a week practicing Ahimsa. I bet it feels good and your spirit lifts ❤







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