Girl its a photoshoot

Have you ever done a photoshoot or attempted in doing one yourself?

Holy crap its a lot of work! I just took part in my first photoshoot for Talizmani with my sister goddess Samantha Cerny It was amazing, Challenging, and all around beautiful experience.



Talizmani’s jewelry is stunning and each piece has such a special meaning. They travel around the world collecting beautiful stones, pearls, and whatever they feel a connection with, then they take that amazing pearl or stone and create an authentic piece for someone else to find and feel a connection with. They were amazing to work with. They had such positive energy that surrounded the room making us feel so comfortable modeling. We felt like a mermaid goddess emerging from the deep blue sea to show off our shinny new pearls!

But boy was it hard!!

I never realized how hard it is to be in-front of the camera. Thank god Sam was there to help me out and Talizmani made it super relaxed and easy. Holding a pose for what feels like hours. Pulling in your stomach (since the camera likes to add and that extra 10 pounds 😉 ) Then you have holding a half serious half smile for those moments in which your trying to keep your stomach sucked in. Which for me is difficult as I am an extremely hyper person so sitting still in one pose not moving or better yet not talking is next to impossible for me. haha We then took the shoot from inside to outside. Changing out jewelry and tops carrying around the camera and whatever else we needed to use as props for our photos. Not to mention we live in Florida! Its summer time here where the weather is nice and toasty, its humid, and we have bloody thirsty mosquitos flying around. But with good company and Talizmanis gorgeous jewelry we were able to successfully ease through the photoshoot.


Jeffrey Aufiero doing his thing.

In-between photos it was filled with load of laughter, sharing stories, brainstorming, and creating. We got to get to know and work with an amazing company that consists of two very beautiful souls that spread love and light all around this world. The photos turned out amazing and we got some fun stuff that we get to wear all the time.


I can’t wait to work with them again! ❤ If your needing some new meaningfull pieces to wear head on over to Talizmani’s etsy shop and take a browse.




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