What to bring to Ginnie Springs and our girls weekend experience there!


I finally got to make it up to the springs this weekend with one of my favorite travel buddies! Boy was it needed! I haven’t gotten to go on an adventure with my girl Ashley in over a year. It was a good little catch up and chill weekend. We got to be in-tune with nature by camping at Ginnie Springs, floating down their river with some beers, and snorkeling their beautiful caves.

The adventure kicked off Friday morning at 7:30 am. I got gas and headed up to Jupiter to pick her up. She was still freaking out about an exam she had to do that day and turn in. I told her “don’t worry we have a 4 hour car ride up to the springs. You’ll defiantly be able to finish it by then.” I got to her house and quickly loaded everything into my car. At this point my jeep was full off camping supplies, snacks, and enough alcohol to get us through the three day girls hang. There was no organization at all so finding anything on the way up was impossible. Half way through the car ride her phone rings…… FAMILY CALLING!!! She forgot to leave her sisters car keys hanging up at the house and she had to work. At this point we were half way there. Both our hearts dropped we contemplated on turning around until…We came up with the genius plan of finding a life saving Fedex to over night them back. So we looked up the nearest one… I said nearest not easiest haha We got off the highway and searched high and low for the little red dot on our gps to say arrived at your destination. About 20 minutes later we found it on our on. Thanks Siri! $50 later we were back on the road to the crystal clear waters of Ginnie Springs.

She began to write her paper for her exam the rest of the way. Our plan was to generate a hot spot on our phone to send the email into her school. Until we realized that we were actually in the middle of the boonies and our phone were no longer having signal. I drove back a little and parked on the side of the road where I had 1 bar to generate a hot spot. After a couple try we finally got the exam turned in and once again back on the road to Ginnie.

We arrived and got camp set up as fast as we could so we could blow up our rafts and start our booze float. camp1

That Day we floated down the river 2 times. Its amazing to see how many people are on the river. Everyone is so friendly just floating with their drinks, making new friends, and smiling. It was a river flowing with positive drunk people.camp6

That night was full of long talks and lots of laughter.

Saturday consisted of the same long river floats, snorkeling the caves, and swinging off rope swings into the river. Its amazing how clear the river really is. It is one of the clearest rivers in Florida and stays at a constant 72 degrees all year round.


Sunday morning we got up and we to Devils Den. Another spring, except this is a prehistoric spring thats actually under ground. Its definatly worth the stop. You can snorkel around this spring as well. It is a lot smaller as its not connected to a river as shown below.


The trip was a great three day weekend and I’m thankful I got to spend it with a good friend.


  1. Tent with your rain fly and tarp to put down incase it rains.
  2. Your own food and alcohol for the weekend. Publix is a bit of a trek.
  3. Coal to cook on the grill since they have ones you can use at your campsite.
  4. Plates and silverware to eat with.
  5. A couple of gallons of water to drink. especially in the summer time. Its hot and you can easily get dehydrated.
  7. Hammock.
  8. Head lamp for night time.
  9. Towel rack to dry your wet towels, bathing suits etc.
  10. Cards to play at night.
  11. Tent lantern so you can see your cards 😉
  12. Sleeping bag and pillow.
  13. Two bathing suits as thats pretty much what you are in the except for at night.
  14. Bug spray! You are camping in the woods.
  15. Shower supplies. They have a bath house you can use for free.
  16. Snorkel gear to explore the caves. (or you can rent theirs along with kayaks and float tubes.)
  17. A speaker to listen to music. We put ours in a big zip lock baggy to listen to down the river.
  18. Flip flops. But for the most part your barefoot.
  19. A big smile to bring floating down the river!




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