Enjoy Wine Watch Turtles.


Long talks, bike rides into the sunset, wine, loads of snacks, and waiting to sea our gorgeous sea turtles come lay their eggs are what my summer evenings consist of.

South Florida is amazing whine comes to the spring and summer. Its not yet scorching hot, your able to roam around as the sun starts to drop. The moon light sparkles over the water and TURTLE SEASON BEGINS!  (March 1st- Oct. 31st.) For those of you visiting South Florida this time of year its AMAZING! Please remember though that we do have a wonderful turtle season and we need to make sure we respect our sea friends. As you sit on the beach watching the moonlight sparkle over the ocean you may see a beautiful sea turtle emerge to lay her eggs.

  1. Stay where you are: Please don’t run up to her and frighten her. We love our turtles and want them to feel safe and lay theirs eggs so we can come back and watch her little babies make a run for the sea.
  2. Turn off your lights: Sea turtles follow the moon light reflecting off the ocean. Therefore, artificial light can disorient the hatchlings, causing them to travel inland, where they often die from cars, dehydration, and being preyed upon. This is a major cause in the decline of sea-turtle populations worldwide.
  3. Don’t touch the sticks marked with a colored ribbon on the beach: There are teams of volunteers, biologist etc who roam the beach at night and mark where a sea turtle has played her eggs.
  4. Pick up your trash: Marine litter has a very large impact on the marine environment. More than 1 million birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year from becoming entangled in or ingesting marine litter.

Come enjoy our summers, drink wine, and watch turtles lay eggs, and hatch. Its a beautiful thing!




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