Underwater Kaleidoscope.


The other day I set out for another South Florida sea adventure with one of my best friends Julia Gordon. Man was it an underwater kaleidoscope! We dove with  The scuba club. We sat at the front of the boat talking about other diver adventures we had been on and what we hoped to see! We had smiles on our face from ear to ear, both of us are water babes so the excitement to just get in the water and drop to the bottom was making our hearts thump faster and smiles get even bigger.

As we heard the motor shut off we quickly climbed down to suit up and listen to the briefing. Before we knew it the captain set us up and started screaming “DIVE DIVE DIVE!” and into the deep blue we went. My favorite things about South Florida diving is that they are all mainly drift dives, the water looks like the Caribbean, and you only have to wear a 3 mil. wet suit!!! Talk about ideal!!!

We dropped down and leveled off at around 65 feet where we let the current do its thing and carry us through our 45 min. dive. Our first encounter was a beautiful Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Loggerheads are the most abundant of all marine turtle species in the USA. He was so friendly came right up to us to say “Hello!” We then heard the dive master jiggle his bell underwater, as we looked over we saw a 6 ft. reef shark. He/She was pretty shy and swam away quickly. We then saw buried in the sand the largest Stingray I have ever seen in my life absolutely incredible. We drifted along the shipwreck and finished up seeing two more loggerheads and a beautiful Lion fish

This dive was one thing after another. Underwater is like looking through a kaleidoscope. At first above water you see this big blue mass, but then you dive down and the whole ocean lights up with life and color. img_0534.jpg




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