Feeding Children Everywhere.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to help pack 1.2 million hurricane kits for those in need with Feeding Children Everywhere.It was one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences it was a great reminder of how it feels to participate in acts of kindness and remind ourselves that we should be grateful everyday for what we have. My friend Bethany Neal called me on Wednesday the 13th and asked me if I wanted to volunteer with the non profit organization in Atlanta for the weekend. It was last minute but it felt so good and it was such an amazing opportunity so the only logical answer was SIGN ME UP! 🙂 Continue reading Feeding Children Everywhere.



As I begin my yoga teacher training I was sent my first assignment today to journal my thoughts regarding Ahimsa.

Ahimsa its the first Yama in yoga and may very well be the most important one. Ahimsa is the act of non violence and compassion. Ahimsa means to show no cruelty to any creature or person. Its the act of friendliness, kindness, and thoughtful consideration of others. To practice Ahimsa sends out extreme positivity to our universe and impacts so many.  Continue reading Ahimsa

Mystical Encounters

phone rings….

“Hello” –Me 

“Hey wanna jump into shark infested waters with me? We can hire a professional photographer. It will be amazing and magical!” – Says  Julia Gordon

With skepticism in my voice I reply “Umm. Yah that sounds amazing. I think I would really enjoy that.”

Julia- “great I’m going to sign us up!”…… and so it was I had just signed myself up to go on this crazy shark dive where I had no idea what to expect.

Continue reading Mystical Encounters

What to bring to Ginnie Springs and our girls weekend experience there!


I finally got to make it up to the springs this weekend with one of my favorite travel buddies! Boy was it needed! I haven’t gotten to go on an adventure with my girl Ashley in over a year. It was a good little catch up and chill weekend. We got to be in-tune with nature by camping at Ginnie Springs, floating down their river with some beers, and snorkeling their beautiful caves. Continue reading What to bring to Ginnie Springs and our girls weekend experience there!

Underwater Kaleidoscope.


The other day I set out for another South Florida sea adventure with one of my best friends Julia Gordon. Man was it an underwater kaleidoscope! We dove with  The scuba club. We sat at the front of the boat talking about other diver adventures we had been on and what we hoped to see! We had smiles on our face from ear to ear, both of us are water babes so the excitement to just get in the water and drop to the bottom was making our hearts thump faster and smiles get even bigger. Continue reading Underwater Kaleidoscope.